NVIDIA RTX A6000 NVLink Bridge 2-Slot


NVIDIA RTX A6000 NVLink Bridge 2-Slot Main Picture

NVIDIA RTX A6000 NVLink Bridge 2-Slot Picture 67448
This bridge is for connecting two NVIDIA RTX A6000 cards via NVLink, if they are installed in a motherboard that positions them two PCI-Express slots apart. Attaching and enabling this bridge provides a high-speed interconnect directly between the two video cards, which allows for any NVLink-aware applications to use that direct, peer-to-peer communication method.

Please note that while this particular bridge is designed to match the aesthetics of the RTX A6000, it will work with 2-slot, blower-style GeForce RTX 3090 cards as well. However, such cards are extremely rare! Most RTX 3090s take up 3 slots (or even more) so this bridge will not work with them.



Net Weight 0.029 kg (0.1 lbs)

Not supported for SLI/gaming.