NVIDIA RTX A6000 NVLink Bridge 3-Slot


NVIDIA RTX A6000 NVLink Bridge 3-Slot Main Picture

NVIDIA RTX A6000 NVLink Bridge 3-Slot Picture 67452
This bridge is for connecting two NVIDIA RTX A6000 cards via NVLink, if they are installed in a motherboard that positions them three PCI-Express slots apart. Attaching and enabling this bridge provides a high-speed interconnect directly between the two video cards, which allows for any NVLink-aware applications to use that direct, peer-to-peer communication method.

Please note that while this particular bridge is designed to match the aesthetics of the RTX A6000, it can work with some GeForce RTX 3090 cards as well. If the cards match (they need to be the same height for the rigid bridge to attach), are no wider than 3 expansion slots, and have cooling systems that will work even when located so close to each other then this can be a viable alternative to the GeForce RTX 3090 branded NVLink bridge (which is only available in a 4-slot size).



Net Weight 0.029 kg (0.1 lbs)

Not supported for SLI/gaming.