AMD EPYC 9124 3.0GHz 16 Core 200W


AMD EPYC 9124 3.0GHz 16 Core 200W Main Picture

Background on AMD EPYC 9004 CPUs

AMD's EYPC line of processors are built for demanding server workloads. Each of these CPUs is a whole system on a chip (SOC), which means they have an I/O die built-in, so there is no need for a separate chipset on the motherboard to provide PCI-Express, SATA, etc. The EPYC 9004 Series also supports 12 DDR5 channels, providing a huge amount of memory bandwidth to keep up to 96 cores fed with data.

Model: AMD 100-000000802


Product Line EPYC
Code Name Genoa
Socket SP5
Process 5 nm
Total Number of Cores 16
Total Number of Threads 32
Base Clock Speed 3.0 GHz
Simultaneous Multi-Threading Yes
Max. Turbo Boost 3.7 GHz
All-Core Turbo Boost 3.6 GHz
Thermal Output 200 W
PCI-E Lanes 128
Socket Count 1P/2P
L3 64MB
Memory Specification
Memory Type DDR5
Maximum Frequency 4800
ECC Support Yes
Registered Support Yes