AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7965WX 4.2GHz 24 Core 350W


AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7965WX 4.2GHz 24 Core 350W Main Picture

Background on AMD Threadripper PRO CPUs

AMD's Threadripper PRO processors are adapted from their EPYC server line and designed for heavy workstation usage. While core counts and clock speeds are similar to the older Threadripper series, these PRO versions offer more PCI-Express lanes, more memory channels, and higher RAM capacities. Those advantages make Threadripper PRO a great choice for memory dependent workloads, as well as hardware configurations which need a lot of PCI-Express lanes.

Because of the large CPU socket, eight channel memory controller, and tons of PCIe lanes, motherboards for Threadripper PRO tend to be larger than standard ATX size - which in turn limits their usage to full tower cases and rackmounts. Both boards and CPUs in this product line are also more expensive than AMD's mainstream Ryzen models, but for applications which can utilize the extra cores, memory capacity / bandwidth, or PCIe connectivity the additional price is well worthwhile.

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Model: AMD 100-000000885


Product Line Threadripper Pro
Code Name Storm Peak
Socket sTR5
Process 5 nm
Total Number of Cores 24
Total Number of Threads 48
Base Clock Speed 4.20 GHz
Simultaneous Multi-Threading Yes
Turbo Boost Yes
Max. Turbo Boost 5.30 GHz
Thermal Output 350 W
PCI-E Lanes 128
Max Temperature 95 C
Socket Count 1P
L2 24MB
L3 128MB
Onboard Graphics
Processor Type N/A
Memory Specification
Memory Type DDR5
Maximum Frequency 5200
ECC Support Yes
Registered Support Yes