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The X-Series 650W power supply from Seasonic is unique in being a high powered modular power supply with the 80 PLUS Gold rating. It also has a unique cooling setup, in that the 120mm fan turns off entirely at lower power loads. Between that and its overall efficiency rating in excess of 87%, this unit provides both a high level of power and a reliable, quiet configuration.
Jon Bach (President)
Jon Bach (President) Says:
This power supply is extremely efficient, and will completely turn off its fan under low load (such as when your PC is idle). It is a great pick for a silent PC.
William George (Marketing Project Manager)
William George (Marketing Project Manager) Says:
I have a power supply from this same line in my small form factor desktop system - and the fan does indeed turn off at low power draw / heat levels (making it great for a quiet system). When it comes on I can just barely hear it, and my quiet Asus video card usually makes a little more noise - just enough to mask it - since a heavy load on the power supply means I am probably gaming.

Model: SeaSonic SS-650KM Active PFC F3


Maximum Power 650 W
Peak Efficiency >87 %
Efficiency Certification 80 PLUS Gold
Cooling System Quiet 120mm Fan
Power Distribution
+3.3V rail 25 amps
+5V rail 25 amps
+12V1 rail 54 amps
Combined +12V Maximum 54 amps
Molex 5
Floppy 1
PCIe 8-Pin 4
CPU Power 8 pin 1
CPU Power 8/4 pin 1
External Connector Type C13
Height 150 mm (5.9 in)
Width 160 mm (6.3 in)
Depth 86 mm (3.4 in)
Net Weight 3.63 kg (8.0 lbs)
Voltage 100-240 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz