Episode 88 – Live Q&A w/ The Labs Team; Discussing Xeon W-3300 Performance Testing Results

About the Podcast

At Puget Systems, we build high performance workstations custom tailored for content creation, engineering, and scientific computing. This podcast will discuss topics related to the workflows and software of those industries.

This week we're hosting a round table talk to discuss the recent Intel Xeon-W launch with our entire Labs Team. We'll be going over performance testing, where it might fit into our product line, and, as always, we'll be taking questions from YOU the audience!

At Puget Systems, we do a LOT of testing. We believe that computers should be a pleasure to purchase and own. They should get your work done, and not be a hindrance. To do that, they need to be the right hardware for the job. We take it on as our mission to test and validate the industry's most popular applications, ensuring the software runs properly, and that our hardware is optimized for performance.

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