Here We Are Again. Windows 10 Updates Causing More Problems

Why you need this article

Microsoft continues to release new and exciting features with each patch and has solved numerous problems with system stability, but unfortunately a recent patch was a large step backwards.

The Failure

Microsoft's recent KB4556799 Windows 10 update is causing a plethora of problems including Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crashes, performance issues, malfunctioning audio, and deleted data in some cases.

Gaming has taken another performance hit, web browsing is impacted and Microsoft has been silent, refusing to acknowledge any of the issues in the official update page. “Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update.”

The (possible) Fix

We preface this fix with the following: This may not solve the issue, though many have had success. This is the only solution we are currently aware of for these issues.

Uninstalling KB4556799 doesn’t always work but it’s worth a try as it’s working for some users. Alternatively, pausing Windows updates is always a good idea during trying times such as these.

Follow these steps to attempt uninstalling the latest KB from your system, then pause updates in the hopes it won’t happen again until they have resolved some of the more glaring issues.

  1. Select ‘Start’ then type ‘Update history’
  2. Click ‘View your Update history’
  3. Select ‘Uninstall Updates’
  4. In the Installed Updates dialog window, find and select KB4556799, click the Uninstall button
  5. Restart your system

The uninstall should proceed and after it’s complete, try pausing updates. We also recommend you download the Windows Update Troubleshooter. This can help stop Windows from attempting to install it at a later time.


Back in February Windows 10 updates started deleting user data, audio broke in March, and Chrome stability/security was adversely affected in April. On top of all that, earlier this month performance on numerous major game titles was negatively impacted. Here we are again with many of the same problems, previously resolved, wreaking havoc after a recent Windows update. Not a great start to the year Microsoft… We recommend uninstalling the update then pausing all updates and waiting until they address some of the more serious concerns. These are our current recommendations but if they don't solve your problems it's always worthwhile to reach out to Microsoft and see if they have a solution. Microsoft offers free, 24/7 technical support for all Windows 10 purchases.

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