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All Puget computers include Lifetime Labor and Technical Support along with a 1 year parts warranty, upgradable to 3 years if desired. What does this mean for our customers?

Puget is serious about keeping you working and making sure your system runs well for you, for a very long time, so we offer an array of services so that your Puget computer continues to WOW you for years.

Just because your system ages beyond the standard 1 year Puget parts warranty, it does not mean Puget won’t assist with any hardware problems you may encounter over the life of the system. It does mean that you will need to cover the cost of any hardware needed in order to repair the system but all the services below are included in our ‘Lifetime Labor and Technical Support’.

In the event of a failure, we will often diagnose the problem remotely, but if we are either unable to identify the problem or are unable to repair the issue remotely, we will bring the system in for a repair. This article will cover all the services we offer, along with explanations as needed.

Available Parts

As systems age out of our part warranty period, replacement components become harder to obtain. Just because your system is outside the Puget parts warranty, this does not mean it’s impossible to get parts that match your hardware Just because your system is inside the Puget parts warranty, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can still gather identical replacement parts.

Instead, systems covered by warranty will receive equivalent or greater parts during the repair process even if the replacement parts are different brands/models. As long as the part has been qualified by us and is carried in some portion of our product line, we will make sure it works for you!

In some cases, an out of warranty Puget computer may be turned down for repair, because we simply cannot obtain the necessary replacement components. Due to supply shortages and the nature of how technology changes, many items are quickly unavailable in some situations, and this is one of the primary reasons we no longer carry laptops. We are always very clear about these challenges during the Support process.

Regardless of part availability or warranty coverage we are forever able to bring a Puget workstation in for diagnostic in the event that is needed.


Our Support and Repair departments offer a wide assortment of services to help get you back to work and keep everything running smoothly. We only work on hardware we provide, so that means we will not diagnose 3rd party hardware, nor will we install products obtained from a 3rd party. If you purchase the item through us, we will take care of it. Here are some of the services we offer:

Device Installation

We can install any and all internal computer components. As long as the component is provided by Puget, and has been qualified to work with your configuration, we are happy to provide installation. During the device installation we also perform the following:

  • Quality Control Inspection
  • Benchmarking
  • Stress Testing
  • Updated BIOS screenshots showing hardware change
  • Updated system pictures showing hardware change

Device Diagnostics

We can verify the integrity of the systems hardware and make sure everything is operating as expected. We can also identify failure points if you are experiencing issues that cannot be tracked down during the remote Support process.

This can include diagnosing the causes of:

  • BSOD
  • Boot failure
  • Application Crash
  • OS Crash (without BSOD)
  • Hard shutdowns

OS Upgrade

We can help you install a new version of your chosen OS as well as reinstall your existing version in the event of a critical OS failure.

We are also happy to help you move to the latest OS, including any Windows version provided it is currently supported by Puget Systems and your hardware.

During the repair process, we perform a secure data backup in order to prevent data loss during the repair.

PLEASE NOTE: While your system is being repaired, we will make our best efforts to preserve the data on your system. However, Puget Systems is not liable for securing the integrity of your data, and you must back up all important data prior to shipping the system back to the facility.

As long as the OS is not the cause of the problem, we also migrate data from the old OS into the new OS.

Advanced replacement parts

If the system is still under warranty, we are able to provide replacement parts in the event of a failure. These components are sent directly to you then instructions/walkthroughs are provided for the installation process.

Alternatively, we may not be allowed (manufacturers' rules) to perform the RMA and will instead provide all necessary documentation and instructions so that you can effectively communicate with the manufacturer and source a replacement component.

This happens most often with the following components:

  • RAM / Memory
  • GPU / Video card
  • PSU / Power Supply

Chassis Conversion

We are also able to offer Chassis conversion services. If your components are in a standard desktop case and you would like them migrated to a server grade case, that is a service we provide. The inverse applies as well.

We have also had success with Chassis repairs in the event the outside of the system is damaged but the internal components are in good working order. Shipping damage is a common cause of this scenario.

System Reconfiguration

In the event you would like to re-purpose an older machine for a less demanding task, we are happy to bring the system in for repair. We can upgrade the OS to the current supported version, install any compatible upgrades desired, and prepare the machine for its renewed life's purpose.

  • Converting desktop to a storage server (RAID)
  • Convert a workhorse into a home media solution
  • Re-purpose a workstation for daily use by a less demanding user

Damage Repair

In the event a system is damaged, we can provide a repair which may include replacement components or even fixing broken components. The system pictured below was badly damaged during shipment, so we replaced all damaged components, performed our standard benchmarks/stress tests, sent the system through Quality Control, and then shipped the system back to the end user. We also needed to make repairs to the chassis in this situation, but in the end all worked great! Not surprisingly, our bracing was one component that wasn't damaged 🙂

Standard Repair Process

Our Repair department is extremely well equipped and ready to provide stellar support. In the event your system needs to come into our facility, here are some of the tasks performed during the repair:

  • Physical cleaning
  • After problem has been solved, re-run benchmarks comparing to original system build
  • Full Quality Assurance inspection
  • Remote testing after repair / before shipment, in order to test your workflow, while the system is still in repair
  • Systems will always leave in new packaging. Shipping will create new packaging or use current generation packaging if needed
  • We match return shipping and cover the cost
  • Status/Repair updates – This includes direct communications with YOUR Repair technician
  • After repair BIOS screenshots
  • After repair photos of system


Puget Systems is very serious about providing a machine that gets your work done efficiently and without headache. We work very hard to make sure your system is operational when it arrives, but if at any point your system fails to fulfill that goal, we would be thrilled to diagnose and solve whatever may be causing the problem. With a litany of Support and Repair services offered for both IN and OUT of warranty systems, we proudly back our systems for the entire lifespan. All Puget computers include Lifetime Labor and Technical Support,and hopefully this article provided a little insight on the services we offer for systems both in and out of the warranty periods.

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