Safe Packing Instructions – Antec 3480

Packaging Instructions

Follow this guide, to safely pack your computer and prepare it for shipping. If you have lost your original packing materials, please contact us about purchasing replacements to ensure the safest shipping possible.

Put computer on secure surface, with the front of the computer facing you.
Place the plastic bag over the computer and tape it closed.
Place one of the foam ends on top of the computer.
Rotate the computer so that the front of the computer is facing down.
Put remaining foam end on the opposite side of the computer (bottom of the computer). Leave the front of the computer facing down.
Leaving the computer front-side down, place the inner box over the computer. Make a note of which side the box is the motherboard side of the computer.
Slide the box all the way down to the table, so that the top flaps are flush with the table.
Turn box over to the upright position (the front of the computer should be facing up).
Tape the inner box closed.
Place a 1″-2″ layer of styrofoam peanuts on the bottom of the outer box. Lower the computer into the box.You want to place the computer with the motherboard side down. Having the motherboard on the underside of the package will help to prevent shipping damage. Place styrofoam peanuts around and on top of the computer, packing them tightly so that there are no empty pockets. Tape the outer box shut.

You’re ready to ship!