Updating your Intel SSD firmware


Intel SSD Firmware update guide

This document describes how to use the Intel SSD Firmware Update Tool (FUT) to update the firmware on the SATA Intel® Solid State Drives (Intel® SSDs) in all capacities.


Windows* 7/8/10 Instructions

Prepare SSD for firmware update

Complete the following steps before starting the firmware update process on the PC containing the SSD.

1. Back Up the SSD

  • Perform a complete system backup on your Intel SSD to ensure that no data is lost during the firmware update process. Intel is not responsible for any data loss that might occur during or after a firmware update on an SSD.

  • Following a successful firmware update, data restoration should not be required.

2. Plug in the Power

  • For mobile PCs, ensure the computer battery is fully charged. For desktop PCs, ensure the system is plugged into AC power during the update process. Do not remove power at any time during the firmware update process as this could produce incomplete results and may render your Intel SSD unusable.

3. Turn Off Drive Password Protection

  • Some systems provide the ability to password-protect their drives. If your system has password protection enabled, the Intel SSD may reject any requests from the host to update the firmware. You may need to turn off the drive password protection prior to beginning the firmware update process.

  • Although it varies from system to system, you can usually find the Drive Password Protection feature located in the BIOS. Consult your system documentation for the BIOS settings and passwords.

  • If you need help disabling the drive password protection feature, contact Puget Systems support

4. Check the Boot Order

  • This procedure requires booting from a USB flash or CD-ROM drive before the system drive. To determine the boot order for your system, reboot and enter BIOS Setup. Depending on the BIOS vendor, look for a parameter named Boot Device Priority or Boot Load Order. Ensure that the system boots the USB flash, or CD-ROM drive before the drive that contains the operating system (OS).

  • For more information on how to set the CD-ROM drive boot order, check this article “Placeholder

  • If you still need additional assistance checking the boot order, contact Puget Systems support

5. Close Applications

  • Before beginning the firmware download process, close all applications except for your Internet browser.


Instructions for downloading the Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool to USB

Flash Drive


The Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool is packaged as an ISO image. Similar to an

archive file or a disk image, an ISO image is specifically designed for optical disks like

CDs in a format specified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

This means that you cannot simply copy an ISO image to a blank USB Flash Drive. (It

will appear as a data file and will not work correctly.) The ISO image must be decoded

with software and installed onto a blank USB Flash Drive to make it bootable with the

Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool.

For the purpose of illustration, we are using Universal USB installer software from

pendrivelinux.com, but you may use any installer that you prefer.


1. Go to the Intel download website located at


2. Review the Read Me file to better understand the firmware update process. The

Read Me file contains high-level instructions for using the Intel® SSD Firmware

Update Tool.

3. Review the Intel® SSD Firmware Release Notes document for a quick summary of

the firmware changes for each product.

4. Click Download to display the terms of the license agreement. (The Read Me.txt

file also includes the license agreement information.)

5. After reading the agreement, click ACCEPT to start the download.

The browser prompts you to select Open, Save or Cancel. See Figure 1 in the

previous section to view a sample screen.

6. Go to http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/ and

download the freeware Universal USB Installer

7. Install and run the Universal USB Installer (see Figure 2)

8. Select the Try Unlisted Linux ISO

9. Browse to the location of the FUT ISO and select it

10. Select the drive letter that corresponds to your blank USB Flash Drive

11. Click Create


Run the Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool

After creating the ISO image CD or bootable USB flash drive, make sure you have

completed the setup procedures before running the Intel® SSD Firmware Update


  • Back up the SSD

  • Turn off Drive Password Protection

  • Designate the CD-ROM or USB Flash drive (as appropriate) to boot first or prior to the OS drive

  • Fully charge the battery (for mobile computers)

  • Plug in the power cable (for desktop computers)

Note: If at any time during the firmware update process the program fails or your system displays a blank screen, power down and reboot your computer. Run the firmware update process again. If the second attempt fails, contact Puget Systems support.


1. Insert the CD containing the ISO image into the R/W CD-ROM drive, or the

bootable USB flash drive into an available USB port

2. Click Shutdown from the Start menu to safely close down and power off the


3. Wait for a count of 10 seconds once the system is completely powered off

4. Press the On button to boot the system from the CD-ROM or USB flash drive

and automatically start the Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool

5. Let the program run until it displays the License Agreement screen

6. Click Accept to accept the license agreement and continue, or Decline to exit the

tool without running it

7. The FUT scans your system for Intel SSDs. If your system contains more than one Intel SSD, the tool displays each one it detects in a separate tab

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