Samsung Magician update


Have you been getting the following pop up lately? Us too. The good news is, the update is stable and seems to improve upon an already great utility.


From Samsung release notes:

New Samsung Magician features a number of improvements over version 4.9.7:

– Completely re-designed and more intuitive user interface

– New Models support : Samsung SSD 960 PRO, 960 EVO

– System Compatibility guide

– SSD model specific feature installation system : only required feature components are installed and updated

Getting started

Step 1:

Click “Yes” on the pop-up.

Step 2:

This is an alternate pop-up some users are seeing. This will take you to Samsung's website to download the newest version.

Step 3:

Select your Language.

Step 4: 

Click "Yes" – Overwrite the current version.

Step 5:

Click "Next".

Step 6:

For the EUL please click "I accept the agreement" and "Next".

Step 7:

For the Privacy Policy click “I accept the agreement” and “Next”.

Step 8: 

Leave these unchecked unless you want icons – Click “Next”.

Step 9:

Click “Install”.

Step 10:

You will see a progress bar.

Step 11:

Leave the box checked and click “Finish”.

Step 12: 

You should see the Samsung Magician application open and look like this.

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