3 Keys to a Great Custom Computer

We field A LOT of calls here from people wanting to spec out a custom PC. Their needs range from a list of specific parts to “give me a great computer”. Here to help at Puget Systems our consultants can work with any level of experience (or maybe not-so-experienced) to come up with a great Puget System. In the marketplace of custom computers you literally have thousands of choices.  I know…it makes my head hurt thinking about it too. So, to start, we have done some narrowing down of the selection to a list of the very best parts available.  See, it’s going to get better.  Now, you can help us spec out a great custom system for you by considering three things:

What the heck are you going to use it for? – Don’t worry about Dual Core vs. Quad Core vs. Dual Processor vs. Low Voltage RAM.  What is helpful for us is: What you are trying to get done with your system? Custom PCs are used for a wide variety of tasks and that is why there is such a wide variety of choices.  Also consider what you might be using it for in the future.  Will your needs change?  Will other people be using your system for different reasons? Fortunately, for you our consultants work with a pretty big variety of users so if you tell us that you are a programmer with  a secret desire to be a nature photographer and even deeper secret of being a Farmville player while you watch Netflix…we have just the system for you.

What is your budget? – Can I make a promise to you?  We have no desire to empty your bank account.  We are famous for talking people out of over spec’d systems. We would like to save you wads of cash. What can we say? We like to keep it sensible. By knowing what you can afford it will help our consultants design a custom system that won’t break the bank. Be aware we may have to give you some bad news. That high reliability, dual video card, liquid cooled custom gaming system with the Xeon processor…it’s going to cost more than 500 bucks.

Is there anything you HAVE to have? – If you have legacy peripherals, old controller cards, or a spare hard drive you HAVE to have, just let us know.  These needs can require us to change other components inside your system and it’s waaay better to know now than later. Boards, wiring, heck even cases may have to be changed to fit your needs.  Are you going install an old storage drive into your new Puget System? No problem, just let your Puget consultant know and we will even have it all pre-wired for you.

So you don’t have to go it alone. Jeff, William, Brett or Daniel are easy to reach and here to help.  Think of them as the friend who knows a whole bunch about this stuff and will make it easy. It doesn’t cost you a thing and you won’t have to return the favor by helping them move out of that 3rd floor apartment later.