It’s the Personal Touch

One of my former co-worker who lived in North Seattle would regularly drive to Portland for her semiannual dental check-up. I was in disbelief as to why she would drive 3 hours for dental cleaning. Surely, there were plenty of dental offices much closer. It turns out, that was the dental office that she went to when she lived in Portland, and they had always treated her well so it was worth the time commitment.

In some sense, I can relate. I get my haircut from a very nice Filipina lady name Josie. She’s been cutting my hair for the past 15 years. Back then it was only a 10-minute drive to get to her place. However, I’ve since moved and that commute now is 35 minutes, and she only cuts hair on Sundays and Mondays. Since I work during the week, that leaves Sundays. Yes, there are plenty of closer barbershop around my house, but I continue to go to her because she treats me well, and I get a great haircut every time.

In both instances, there was a great experience and relationship fostered that makes what seems to be an inconvenience not so much. Customer service, personal touch, and making you feel like you are not just another client is what keeps us coming back.

I recently received a reply from a client on how she found our company:

I wanted to let you know how I found out about Puget Systems. I found an online article from PC Gamer "Nine custom PC builders compared: who gives you the best deal?" by Bo Moore. The article did not have your company in the article but the comments section had a post by MARC that went:

"PC Gamer forgot about which is as good if not better than most of these companies. There are thousands of stellar reviews on If you're looking for a cheap computer, this is not the company for you. If your care about: 1. Design Quality; 2. Build Quality; 3. Component Quality; 4. Performance; 5. Quietness; 6. Extensive Testing & Burn-in; 7. Reliability; and 8. Customer Support, there is no better custom PC builder in the USA. Yes, Puget Systems is more expensive than some of the others. But you get what you pay for in life."

That is not what sold me. I was impressed with your 9.99 Resellerratings. What sold me was the 3 hour recording I found on YouTube of Barnacules Nerdgasm's livestream of his Puget Systems computer build he called Huston.

Of course, after the system was built, we had Houston pose with her system and sent that picture to her:

Her response:

“Oh that is great! Look at that beard! I love it! The man is good looking to! Heehee.

Thank you very much for the picture!”

In recent customer visit, a client was having an issue with his setup. An employee sent a message to staff and within seconds we had responses from various staff members. Our company President commented on the swiftness of the response:

Puget Systems is growing and as we continue to add more staff and infrastructure, we never want to be so large that we forget what makes us a great company. It’s the relationship we have with our clients. The personals touch we deliver time and time again. The experience we provide when you purchase a system from us that makes you always want to come back to us for all your computer needs.