Like a Spoiler on a Honda Civic

On my way in to work today, I was passed by a small blue Honda Civic. It raced and weaved through traffic, sporting a bolt-on spoiler, and an exhaut pipe that made it sound more like a go-cart than a legitimate driving machine. I allowed myself my moment of sarcstic thoughts. “Really? Your Honda Civic gets around with such great velocity that you need a spoiler to keep your rear axle firmly planted??” Maybe I’m just getting old, but I looked at that vehicle and I didn’t see the style and power the installer may have intended. I saw immaturity and insecurity. This driver self-identified with performance and power. He didn’t have the right tool for the job, so he bolted on the parts.


If you want to work at Puget Systems you have to be ready for things to work a bit differently than your last job. You see, here, we are obsessed about a few things and one of them is failure. Everything and everyone has every failure, ever, tracked in our database. Want to know what the failure rate is for a particular stick of RAM? We know it. Want to know how many times your favorite employee has forgotten to add the required build notes to an order? We document their every transgression. We fail things for even the most seemingly inconsequential reason, right down to the smallest scratch you might not have even noticed. Perfection matters. Every week, during our staff meetings, all of the logged failures from the previous week are listed for everyone to see and you get to share with everyone your epic fail.

Tough stuff for the Puget staff, huh?

Not really. Nobody is running around, ducking for cover, while avoiding the axe from Jon. Although that might make for an interesting game it’s not what we do all of this for…it’s for you.

“For what? My entertainment?” you might ask. Nope, for your future sanity.