Working at Puget is Worth It

Hi. My name is Alicia and I am one of the newer employees here at Puget. I am the administrative assistant and the first person people see when they enter our office or speak to over the phone.

CPU Coolers and My Experiment

In order to double check the accuracy of Noctua’s Cpu cooler product we put its specifications to the test. This will explain CPU coolers and what we found.

Summer Newsletter

To the best of my knowledge, it’s been at least six years since we’ve written about life behind-the-scenes here at Puget Systems. So we’re going to kick off a whole new generation of newsletters – focused more on the people and less the technology – as we dive into this summer season of 2014. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse of what working at Puget Systems is really like, day to day.

The New Puget Office! – Tour #1

It’s an exciting time at Puget! Due to increased sales and growth, we have outgrown our current facility. To meet the new demand for space, we purchased a new building in Auburn, WA.

To show off the new space and the progress that is being made during the build process, I will be taking my camera and shooting some video updates. The first one is found here. Be sure to keep checking back for new updates. Enjoy!