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Richard Falk

A+ Certified, LPI Linux Essentials Certified

THEN: - before Puget -
Even at a young age, I had hit the computer world running. Learning the in's and out's of computer hardware and software was a fun pastime between milkings and pressure washing cow pies into oblivion (I grew up on a dairy farm). Once it was time to leave the farm, I honed my skills as a hobby and used my self-learned expertise to help family and friends with their technology woes. After gaining some education and certifications, I was thrilled to see my hobby become the career of my dreams.

NOW: - here at Puget -
I am a Support Technician at Puget Systems and my job is to make sure that you are happy, even if you run into trouble with your computer in the months, years, and decades after you've bought it. I am also rising through the ranks to become the #1 coffee drinker in the office.

The year was 1998... and my computer was made up of the following:
Windows 98(can someone say crash daily?)
500mhz AMD K6 CPU;
64MB Ram;
2.5GB Hard Drive UDMA 33 MB/s;
28Kb/s dial up Modem (Huh??);
Floppy Disk Drive (What is that??)

4Ghz Intel Core i7 6700k
Intel 750 PCIe SSD for my programs and games
2x 2x6GB Western Digital HDD in Raid 1
32GB Ram
GTX Titan P(Pascal)

Firefox for browsing, VLC for all media, Libre Office
Virus Removal: Rkill if needed then Tdsskiller first, then Combofix, then Malwarebytes then Adwcleaner
Cleaning: Adwcleaner, Ccleaner, WinDirStat
Games: Battlefield series, War Thunder (Free!), Borderlands 2, Age of Empires 2 HD, Minecraft

LIFE: - outside Puget's walls -
I have a big heart for my wife Chelsea, our spoiled cat Lily, my family and my faith; I try to spend as much time with them as possible. On the sunny days, I enjoy rock climbing (despite being afraid of heights, ironically), camping, and hiking, especially around Mt. Rainier. On the rainy days, I enjoy reading science/technology articles and playing on Youtube. Other than that, I have a fondness for trying new foods, sampling new microbrews, going to new places, and meeting new people.


Chattaroy, WA

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