How To Run Remote Jupyter Notebooks with SSH on Windows 10

Being able to run Jupyter Notebooks on remote systems adds tremendously to the versatility of your workflow. In this post I will show a simple way to do this by taking advantage of some nifty features of secure shell (ssh). What I’ll do is mostly OS independent but I am putting an emphasis on Windows 10 since many people are not familiar with tools like ssh on that OS.

Beginning with Machine Learning and AI

I can’t think of of trending field of scientific research that has ever been better suited for “beginners” than Machine Learning and AI. Even though the field has been around for decades it feels like day one. There is now a perfect convergence of resources to facilitate the learning and doing of Machine Learning.

Machine Learning and Data Science: Logistic Regression Examples-1

This post will be mostly Python code with implementation and examples of the Logistic Regression theory we have been discussing in the last few posts. Examples include fitting to 2 feature data using an arbitrary order multinomial model and a simple 2 class image classification problem using the MNIST digits data.

Machine Learning and Data Science: Logistic and Linear Regression Regularization

In this post I will look at “Regularization” in order to address an important problem that is common with implementations, namely over-fitting. We’ll go through for logistic regression and linear regression. After getting the equations for regularization worked out we’ll look at an example in Python showing how this can be used for a badly over-fit linear regression model.