OS Installation

OS Installation

If you’ve ordered a computer from a large manufacturer in the past, you know how they load it up with trial software, advertisements, and promotional materials. This kind of “junkware” is not only annoying, but can even slow down your computer! At Puget, we install ONLY the software you order from us. All bundled software that comes with your hardware is still passed on to you, but we do not install anything you didn’t order. That leaves you with a completely clean installation!

What we WILL do is make sure you have the most up to date installation possible. Your motherboard BIOS is flashed to the most recent version. All Windows security patches and updates are applied. We use the latest stable drivers provided by the manufacturer of each part. From start to finish, we make sure your machine is using the most current software available!

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Roland Pfingsten

Legacy Testimonial: 137

If you’re one of those people that is afraid of buying a computer from anyone but a name brand manufacturer, then FEAR NO MORE!!! Puget Custom Computers is a first rate stand up company. The guys at Puget ( Jon Bach & Wilson Chau ) helped me put a system together that matched my needs perfectly. In fact they made suggestions that actually ended up lowering my total cost. When’s the last time one of the big boys asked you to spend less money on their system? As for the system itself, top notch craftsmanship. looks great, top of the line components and works great. And if your concerned about service after the sale, relax!!!! After I received my computer I was having trouble figuring out some connections for an on board tv tuner when Wilson Chau actually called me at my home on a sunday night and spent nearly half an hour with me going over everything until he discovered what I had neglected to hook up. How’s that for service after the sale!!! From here on out I will do business ONLY with Puget Custom Computers. These guys know what they are doing.

Roland Pfingsten

Dr. Brian Boyd

Legacy Testimonial: 136


Just a note to say I am very pleased with the computer you built for me. At first I was frustrated with Windows XP but was able to get used to it and things worked wery well. For your information I used the Fastlynks 3.3 software to transfer my files, which I highly recommend.

You may want to consider marketing your coustom built systems on the flightsim.com website as there are many potential clients there.


Brian W. Boyd, D.M.D.

Skip Martin

Legacy Testimonial: 135

When I contacted Jon at Puget Custom Computers, I asked him if he could build me a high-end system that was game, as well as LightWave compatible. Well, let me tell you. He came up with a gem. Duel Xenon’s with twin SCSI 36.7 GHz Seagate Cheetah 15000rpm hard drives, a couple of gigs of Rambus memory, and so on. The whole system just came together really well. It took some time to learn how to really utilize it’s potential. For anyone familiar with LightWave and how crucial render time is, this machine shaved an average of 30% off of this critical function. That’s pretty damn good. If you’re considering a high-end system, or any system for that matter, give Puget Custom Computers a call, they put out a quality product while standing solidly behind their work. I highly recommend them.

Chad Labdon

Legacy Testimonial: 134

Puget Sounds Systems is by far the best company around. The numerous computer options and awesome customer service can’t be beat. The system I ordered was around $500 cheaper than any other company. I was also able to customize my system so that it fit exactly what I wanted. In my eyes Puget Sounds Systems can’t be beat. I would recommend them to ANYONE who is looking for a new computer.

Bob Ross

Legacy Testimonial: 132

The 2 Year $150.80 & 3 Year $245.70 Extended Warranties are Very Expensive & Worst of All They are not even Onsite Warranties!! Also why do I have to pay $19.50 for a system restore CD? I believe that that should be standard with every system that is purchased with a Operating System. I give them a rating of a 4 on these topics but overall I rate them an 8.

Gary Glantz

Legacy Testimonial: 130

Well, I’m submitting my feedback as a customer now. I originally spied this web site among a few others of its type on the internet, and wondered if the testimonials were on the up-and-up, or if Puget was keeping only the good ones visible, as some of the bigger type computer companies invariably do for PR. I can say, that all I read is true of Puget, right down to the level of care that they have to make your system correct. Mr Bach even called me when a discrepancy arose in the formatting of the hard drive, and his answer was the correct one, after I further researched the issue. My machine came exactly as I ordered it, with all the books and cables and software as I requested. Fired it right up and everything functioned perfectly. I felt that I got what I paid for and at this point, am completely satisfied and would HIGHLY recommend Puget for your system needs. Thanks Wilson and Jon.

Gary Glantz
Accokeek MD

Lonny Toman

Legacy Testimonial: 129

Reading a few of the testimonials, I thought that I would add another one for those skeptics and computer geeks out there that think they can do better than anyone else…
First of all, I am a computer geek. Second, I have searched on the net, around the U.S., and in my vicinity, and have found nothing that compares to the prices, compatability, and service that Puget offers. I have been working with computers for nearly 16 years now, (mostly hardware) and was, until recently, having a hard time finding a GOOD system for a GOOD price. I just recently priced and purchased a dual processor system from Puget for a minimal $1634. Even with my friends and business contacts that get things for next to nothing, I priced the same system for the cheapest I could find. The closest I came was nearly $1900!!! And that doesn’t even come assembled. That is just parts. So, my suggestion to anyone out there, is to trust in these people. They know what they are doing, they know what they are talking about, and they don’t give you the runaround like a few companies out there. You all know what companies I am talking about. Fast, efficient, complete, and very precise in making sure that you have a “perfect” system for you perfect needs. I don’t think I need to say anymore. To anyone who reads this, I’m sure you have the same attitude that I do, but tell everyone about these people.
Outstanding! I must applaud Jon and his most excellent team for doing the excellent job that they do. Enough said.

Robin Myers

Legacy Testimonial: 128

I still can’t get over the personal, courteous and excellent service we got from Puget Custom Computers. You guys are the greatest and we couldn’t be happier with our new systems if they cooked dinner, too!!
Thanks much,
Rp & Robin Myers

Samantha Carmen Chase

Legacy Testimonial: 127

Puget Custom Computers site suggested considerable planning and foresight. I was equally impressed by their execution.

Jon Bach was VERY ATTENTIVE with a mother-board challenge and corrected the problems.


I highly recommend Puget Custom Computers to friend and associates.

Edward P. Harris

Legacy Testimonial: 126

Your company responds quickly and intelligently to all queries. Wilson Chau was a delight to work with, took a very personal interest in my wishes and helped me put a “dream machine” together. I have the highest respect for him (and for Jon Bach who also answered some of my questions) and have come complete faith in his knowledge, conscientiousness and integrity.

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