OS Installation

OS Installation

If you’ve ordered a computer from a large manufacturer in the past, you know how they load it up with trial software, advertisements, and promotional materials. This kind of “junkware” is not only annoying, but can even slow down your computer! At Puget, we install ONLY the software you order from us. All bundled software that comes with your hardware is still passed on to you, but we do not install anything you didn’t order. That leaves you with a completely clean installation!

What we WILL do is make sure you have the most up to date installation possible. Your motherboard BIOS is flashed to the most recent version. All Windows security patches and updates are applied. We use the latest stable drivers provided by the manufacturer of each part. From start to finish, we make sure your machine is using the most current software available!

Read what our customers have to say about our OS installation!

Lou B.

Legacy Testimonial: 112

I bought my system about 2 months ago. I waited to make a comment because I really wanted to put it through its paces. It’s performance is excellent, everything I expected. I initially put my order in and the next day I decided that I wanted a DVD-ROM instead of a CD-ROM. I e-mailed Jon to see if I could change my order. To my surprise it was not a problem and Jon gave me the upgrade at no charge( about $35 difference). The system arrrived with a minor glitch. I did not get a mouse . I called the company spoke to Jon in about 2 minutes –(no waiting for 20 minutes or going through annoying voice mail). He apologized for the omission and said I would get the mouse in a few days. Later that day I noticed that the sound card in the system was not the one I ordered. Again I called Jon, got through right away and told him of my discovery. He checked his files and confirmed that I did get the wrong sound card and seemed sincerely apologetic. He said he would Fed X the new card to me and to my amazement I received it the next morning at 11:00 AM; with detailed email instructions about its installation. He also offered to have my system shipped back to him at no charge if I didn’t feel comfortabel installing it my self. Since then I have haven’t had any problems with my system. I have emailed Jon on several issues relating to doing my own upgrades . Each time I received a response by the next day and sometimes the same day, with advice and detailed instructions . Initially, like the post right before me, I was apprehensive about doing business with someone on the other side of the country. I would just like to emphasize that even with the 2 minor glitches, I applaud Jon for his excellent customer service. I am extremely satisified with the product, but more than that their customer service is beyond anything I have experienced anywhere recently. I am definetly making my next purchase with Jon and would highly recommend his company to my friends and family.

Bob Ingrassia

Legacy Testimonial: 111

Living on the East Coast, I had reservations about buying a PC from a small, unknown outfit in Seattle. But after getting fed up trying to shoe-horn my desires into a Dell, I turned to Puget Computers and was won over by Jon Bach’s personal attention and extensive knowledge. We exchanged at least a dozen e-mails as I fretted over technological issues and hardware decisions. Jon always responded quickly — sometimes within minutes, always within a few hours. Try that with Dell or IBM. In the end, I felt absolutely confident in my system, and I have learned much about PCs along the way. I spent about $1,200 and got a top-notch machine with specs that the retail brands couldn’t match for the money. Plus, I chose a sharp-looking aluminum PC case that saved me from your typical ugly plastic box. UPS shipped my computer without a hitch across the country. After a week, everything is great. I can recommend Puget Computers without reservation.

Harry Arsenault

Legacy Testimonial: 110

I recently purchased a system from PCC. The service and quality was outstanding. I called PCC and told them I would been in Seattle on a Buissness trip on a certain date, I asked if they would deliever my computer to that place, they did and I truly appreciated that. You cant ask for better customer service than that anywhere. My machine has been exactly what I wanted and has been working great and is very stable.

I will be back when I need my next system.

Thank you very much for the service and system I recieved PCC.

Eric Lawrence

Legacy Testimonial: 109

I recently purchased 2 systems from PCC. The service and quality was outstanding. I truly appreciated the front end assistance in configuring the systems. Both machines have been exactly what we needed and very stable.

I will be back when we need more systems.

robert oneill

Legacy Testimonial: 107

Just a second feedback to tell you how happy I am with my system. I truly appreciate everything your company stands for. I look forward to ordering my next computer from you. It has truly been a great experience.

Charles Shepherd

Legacy Testimonial: 106

PCC has great customer service and does an excellent job in helping the customer select the right gear for the job at hand. We asked them to spec and build a Maya Workstation which could handle the unbelievable workload of rendering animation for a feature length film. Not an easy task to say the least.

What I was most amazed about was PCC went the extra mile on researching every possible detail to make sure we were satisfied w/ the end product and the system had nothing but the best components available. If your going to buy, buy from PCC. Great Job!!!!!!!

Patrick Ralph

Legacy Testimonial: 105

Despite the fact that I work for the HP/Compaq empire, I chose Jon’s company to build my state-of-the-art Photoshop workstation – for three reasons – customization, service and price. Try getting an aluminum case from the big guys! Try getting personalised design or service advice from companies that put you on hold for a half hour before bothering to answer the phone. And yes, he beat their price by 20%. I took a chance on a small company, and it was a very wise choice. (And the P4 2.8 Ghz chip – it’s not fast, it’s instantaneous!) Thanks, Jon

Scott Bennett

Legacy Testimonial: 104

My experience with PCC was excellent. I got such good service and advise, not to mention a custom built system that I could actually afford, that it was WORTH paying the Washington State Sales tax! Now, how many companies can you say that about?

I thought their web site was so informative that I started to feel guilty about shopping elsewhere, so I decided to pay the tax, and go with PCC and have had absolutely no regrets.

I cannot recomend them enough.

Jim Petruzzo

Legacy Testimonial: 103

Jon..keep up the great work.you can teach so many companys a thing or two about how to treat a customer or customer to be NOT TO MENTION CUSTOMER SERVICE.my whole experience with PCC was far better than i ever imagined, and i got what i wanted. I was looking at a company that claims to build computers but they had to many consumer complaints against them. Then i found your company and the rest is history as they say. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who is even thinking of a new computer because i know there experience with you and your company will duplicate mine. Jon.. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING

David Hochman

Legacy Testimonial: 102

This is my second system purchase. All the same praise applies as the first time I bought: good pre-purchase advice, a fair price, on-time delivery (to the East Coast), and hardware that works just fine. In addition, Jon walked me through a setup issue that stemmed from my particular LAN configuration, through Live Chat and email exchanges. Try getting Michael Dell to do that! Seriously, this is an amazing company that should be supported by all of us who have bought here, by making referrals to all our friends who may be in the market for PCs.

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