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Pix4D Benchmark

Written on May 3, 2019 by William George

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Here at Puget Systems, we have put together a benchmark utility for Pix4D which measures system performance by running two small projects - a 3D Model and a 3D Map - and tracking the time taken to process each step. This benchmark is freely available to download, below, though running it requires an existing installation and valid license of Pix4D. Supported versions include Pix4Dmapper Pro, Pix4Dmapper, and Pix4Denterprise - with partial support for Pix4Dmodel and Pix4Ddiscovery (which do not support 3D Map projects).

PugetBench for Pix4D Standard

Download from Puget Systems

Short test - 15 to 60 minutes on most systems

PugetBench for Pix4D Extended

Download from Puget Systems

Longer test - 3 to 12 hours on most systems

Be sure to check out the full list of benchmarks we have available!

How to Use the Pix4D Benchmark

Using this benchmark is quite simple, though you do need to have Pix4D installed and logged in prior to starting.

  1. Download the Pix4D Benchmark file by clicking on the blue button above
  2. Once the download has completed, unzip "Puget Systems Pix4D Benchmark.zip" to a location where you have write permission
  3. After it has fully extracted, open the Puget Systems Pix4D Benchmark folder
  4. Run the Pix4D_Benchmark.exe file
  5. Wait for it to detect the version of Pix4D that is installed
  6. At the intro screen, read the description and then click on Start to begin
  7. Avoid using the mouse or keyboard during the benchmark execution - changing focus at the wrong time will interfere with it
  8. When the benchmark is complete, a summary screen will be displayed with the time (in seconds) for processing each step
  9. That information will also be saved to a results file in the same folder and uploaded to our website for comparison with others

You can compare the results from running this benchmark on your system to those shown in various Pix4D performance articles we publish. Some of our older articles used different image sets, however, so those are not directly comparable.

Update Log

5-3-2019: Initial public release
01-09-2020: Minor revision with no expected change in functionality; added extended benchmark for longer test runs
04-08-2020: Version update to support new Pix4D release 4.5.6 - will no longer work with older versions, due to new project files
01-26-2021: Changed name to PugetBench for Pix4D, changed host to MediaFire, and added uploading of results to our website
02-04-2022: Changed benchmark hosting to Puget Systems

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