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I had the pleasure of attending the NVIDIA Graphics Technology Conference ( GTC ) last week. It was an an excellent conference! Well organized very well thought out for facilitating attendee interaction, a great crowd, well catered, lots of coffee, very pleasant and comfortable meeting. And, I ran into several old friends, you can’t beat that! This is foremost a developers conference but I would recommend it to anyone interested in GPU technology it’s scope has been expanding every year.

If you have any doubts about the quality of the conference you are in luck. They have most of the content on-line — keynote talks (very good!), the posters, and nearly all of the talks and workshops were nicely recorded! If you were not able to attend definitely check it out. I’m really glad they did this since I had dozens of overlapping sessions that I had wanted to attend. Well done NVIDIA, thankyou!

I’ll give you a link and some guidance below for conference content…

There was of course an exhibition. They had the exhibition arranged as two 2 hour blocks each day during breaks from the technical sessions. Nice! Meals were available in the exhibition hall and there was a lot of activity since this was mainly networking time. We had lots of great conversation with people — really enjoyable. The only down side of the exhibition was that we were so busy at our booth that we didn’t get much time to browse the other booths. There was some very interesting stuff at the exhibition! Next year we are bringing more people! (It was just Jon Bach and myself this time) We were there with our Peak mini Tesla edition. We had a Tesla K40 and a Titan in that little system 🙂 We were running a molecular dynamics simulation with a recent build of NAMD and visualizing the simulation in real time with VMD (a new release of VMD will be available soon — great software!) NAMD just flew on the K40, I was really impressed. We were also talking with people about the “Tesla developers kit” that will be a system bundle including a Tesla K20 and the Portland Group (PGI) compiler suite with a significant discount. The system, card and compilers will be under $5000!

We also had partner meetings with the GeForce and Tesla units of NVIDIA and several meetings with our component suppliers. These were again quite pleasant and informative — it feels a lot like family. There is a lot of new “stuff” coming out over the next several months — new motherboards, chipsets, processors, we'll have lots of testing to do!

In my next post I’m going to speculate a bit about what we’ll see in the future for High Performance Computing from NVIDIA based on some of the announcements at the GTC meeting. In the mean time, go see for yourself what was happening at GTC…

Links to the conference content… some really good stuff, check it out!


Main site:

Spend some time exploring here:


NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang — Roadmaps and a general view of what’s going on at NVIDIA, really good! Pixar — Some behind the scene insight and nice work on ray tracing and illumination


They are readable! Lots of good work presented.

Session talks and workshops:

There is a wealth of content here!

Happy computing –dbk

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