LinuxFest Northwest 2014

The annual Northwest pilgrimage for the Linux faithful to the Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham, WA is nearly upon us! This is the 15th anniversary of LinuxFest Northwest, should be a good one! It’s happening Saturday and Sunday, April 26th & 27th, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It’s open to all and free to attend, but support is always appreciated. An “Individual Supporter” registration for $70 will get you lunch both days and the 15th anniversary polo shirt, and that warm feeling of having done something good. We get so much from the Linux community at large that it’s nice to be able to contribute back to a good cause and it really is a great event.

Puget System is donating a VERY NICE machine to the raffle this year. One of our specialty quiet systems, the Puget Serenity Mini, with custom etching commemorating LinuxFest Northwest 2014. You will definitely want to get in on the raffle! We would normally sell this for around $1500 and it’s one of our most popular systems, people love these things. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the raffle!

The schedule for the technical sessions and talks is up at

Go check it out – there is stuff for everyone. It’s a great place for those of you that are new to Linux to pick up a bigger picture of what Linux is all about and to get a feel for the kindness and generosity of the community. There are also many talks on more advanced topics, system administrators and Linux programmers will be well represented. There are talks on Android and Arduino too. There is also a good representation of the notion of Freedom! There will be talks on privacy, security, openness, and political issues around Linux. The Linux community cares about this stuff! There are also fun talks like “Linux sucks vs Linux does not suck”. I personally fall into the camp of “Linux does not suck”! There are enough good talks that I am faced with having to make some hard choices for most of the session time slots.

Hope to see you there!

Happy computing –dbk




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