2021 Diversity Initiative

In 2020, we made it clear where we stand on the longstanding issues of racial injustice and inequality in America. Those issues are not unique to 2020 and will require constant attention moving forward to ensure that it doesn’t just become a moment but a movement toward change. Both personally, and as a company, we’ve looked internally at what we can do today to help continue the conversation and make an actionable change, at least in our industry.

In doing so, we’ve identified an area that we can significantly improve moving forward: representation. Every year we make very deliberate decisions about who we align ourselves with, our partners, and the voices we choose to amplify and support through our marketing activities. In reflecting on our past, we recognize that we can do a much better job ensuring those voices are diverse.

That is why, in 2021, we are committing a vast majority of our marketing resources to work with under-represented groups such as people of color and women. This initiative will be most notable through our sponsorships but we will be proactive in all of our efforts, such as our weekly live streams, to open our platform up to more of those underrepresented voices.

We are very excited to hopefully drive change and create a more equitable future. We encourage others in our industry to do the same and consider where they can improve diversity and representation in their organization, be it internally or externally.

We also know we can always improve. We encourage you to hold us accountable and comment below with any thoughts on ways we can be more inclusive. We would also like to hear your suggestions of creators, engineers, or developers that we should consider supporting!