Failure transferring large blocks of data between Glyph drive and internal HDD


Recently we have been seeing an issue in our support department with a specific hardware combination: Mechanical internal HDDs and the Glyph Studio RAID external USB 3.0 device. Specifically the issue pertains to large folders with numerous subfolders. In our initial testing it would appear that the data size is irrelevant beyond a few GB and mostly revolves around the number of subfolders.

We are currently investigating the issue in an attempt to more closely identify the cause and affected systems/devices. We will soon be coordinating with Glyph for a permanent fix. Updates will be published to the article as they become available. Initially we associated this issue to a specific motherboard but have since reproduced across numerous motherboards/chipsets. 

Current testing

This is a basic list of the tests we have performed and their results:

– Internal SSD to External Glyph: No issues

– Internal HDD to External Glyph: Failure to copy, explorer.exe crashes and file folder lock ups

– External Glyph to internal HDD: No issues

– External Glyph to internal SSD: No issues

Based on the Internal HDD to External Glyph we have performed testing with the following parameters:

– 250GB single file: No issues

– 500GB single file: No issues

– 250GB single file in single folder: No issues

– 500GB single file in single folder: No issues

– 250GB single file within 2+ subfolders: No issues

– 500GB single file within 2+ subfolders: No issues

– Numerous 2MB files within 2+ subfolders: Failure to copy, explorer.exe crashes and file folder lock ups

– Numerous 2MB files within 2 or fewer subfolders: No issues

– Numerous empty folders within 2+ subfolders: No issues

– Numerous multi-GB files within 2+ subfolders: Failure to copy, explorer.exe crashes and file folder lock ups


We are currently very early in the testing stages. We will continually update this article as new information becomes available and further testing is completed. At this time we do not have a solution or a definitive idea of the exact cause. If you purchased a Glyph drive with your Puget computer and have experienced this issue, please reach out to our support department by calling 888-784-3872 x 2 or by emailing us at [email protected]. We are always happy to assist!


Updates will be posted here.

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