Intel Rapid Storage Technology Preventing Windows 1903 Update

What’s the point of this article?

Microsoft is preventing Windows from updating due to the Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) drivers. If you have the IRST driver, between versions and, installed on your system you will likely see an error when attempting to install Windows 10 1903.

The Infamous Error!

How Do I Resolve This?

All you need to do is perform the driver install using version which has worked exceedingly well for a number of our users.

Here is a direct link to the driver download: IRST Download

The version that I linked to above is, which should be compatible, but is a little older than the recommendation. If the above driver does not fix the issue, then we can try the latest offering from Intel directly, but we likely will not need to.


[Update] If It Doesn’t Work

A small number of our users have reported that the above solution does not work. Currently the only commonality we have been able to identify is motherboard manufacturer but even then there are some exceptions.Fear not! We have the solution; the steps provided below seem to solve the problem for anyone that has issues with the IRST install or still cannot update Windows 10 after the IRST fix has been applied.

  1. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers
  2. Locate the file iastora.sys
  3. Rename to iastora.sys.old

Try running Windows update again

1. Select the "Start" button in the bottom left hand corner (Windows Icon)

2. Type "Settings" and select the first option

3. Select "Update & Security"

4. If your update is not listed, click the "Check for Updates" option

5. Your update should install automatically and will require a restart.

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