Is Your Computer Not Waking from Sleep?

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is a setting in Windows where your machine will temporarily suspend all activity and conserve power. This is often used when a user will be away from their machine for an extended period of time. When a user presses a button on their keyboard or mouse, the machine comes out of suspended mode and turns back on.

Reports of Issues

We have been receiving reports of machines not waking up from sleep in Windows 10. In our experience, this is usually due to hybrid sleep being active in Windows. You will know if this particular issue has affected your machine when your machine goes to sleep, but the machine does not respond after pressing a key on a keyboard or mouse button to wake it up.

Here is a quick set of steps to disable it:


  • Right-Click the "Start" Button in Windows and select "Power Options"

  • Under the "Power & Sleep" Settings, click on "Additional Power Settings"

  • A new window will open that looks like this one. Just to the right of whatever plan you have selected here, select "Change Plan Settings"

  • In the next window, select "Change Advanced Power Settings"

  • In this new "Power Options" window, expand the "Sleep" section

  • Under the "Sleep" Section will be another subsection called "Allow Hybrid Sleep". Turn it off.

If All Else Fails….

Following these steps resolves the sleep issue the majority of the time. 

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