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Puget Systems is a BBB Accredited Business with A+ Rating [View Profile]

The BBB is a long standing and highly regarded source for information about the legitimacy of a company. It is important to carefully research the company with which you are trusting your business, and the BBB is one tool that you can use. Click on the logo to the left to view our BBB page, where you will find our A+ overall rating.

There are a few useful things to understand about how the BBB works. As you might expect, the scoring is based on how long a business has been in operation, its performance in addressing complaints, and a number of other factors. One thing you might not know is that it is only possible to have an "A+" rating if the company is a paying member. Non-paying members can have a flawless record, and only earn an "A" rating.

One challenge in reading a BBB record is knowing how much consideration to give the number of complaints a company has. It is difficult to tell the difference between a company that does very little business, from a company that has few complaints. Those are very different scenarios, but they appear the same on the BBB profile. So just be aware -- it is only meaningful that a company has no complaints if they are actually servicing a reasonable volume of customers!

Overall, our recommendation is to use the BBB to weed out poorly performing companies. It isn't very good at telling you who the excellent performing companies are, but if you see a "C" or below rating, you know without a doubt to steer clear!

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