Shrinking the Workstation

What has size got to do with it?

Can you imagine being there when the Colossus computer booted up and started its work on breaking the Enigma code?

Or maybe when the Zuse Z3 fired up at 5-10Hz, doing some of the first floating point numbers?

I can picture what it would have been like to be in the group of people built those wonderful machines. And…I can guess what the first interaction with an end user went like. Probably, a little something like this:


Engineer: "Well, that completes the boot sequence for this machine. It is now ready to run calculations faster than any human being! A true marvel of our times and an advancement for humanity."

Some guy: "Wow, that's amazing….but, why is it so BIG?!?!"

That's right, since the dawn of computing, users have been asking engineers this very same question.

Why is the computer so darn big?!

Well, I could launch into a long, drawn out defense on the size of computers — airflow, upgradeability, flexible configurations, standard sizing — but no, I will spare you the indignity.

I give up.

In all seriousness, we hear you loud and clear! Workstations are unnecessarily large! Crack open the side of that computer and look at all that atmosphere! There is more room inside some PCs, than inside most college dorm rooms.

Here at Puget Systems, we are on a mission to cut the empty space inside your case — without sacrificing power, dependability, reliability or the quiet operation — and give you back some of the real estate on your desk.

I am proud to announce our first two changes.



Introducing the new Peak Mini and Serenity!

Built on a Silverstone SG10, the new Serenity and Peak Mini pack a lot of punch in a small box. This chassis is easily capable of carrying and cooling up to:

  • 18-core Xeon CPU
  • 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 2x NIVIDIA Titan-X in SLI
  • 4x 1TB Samsung SSDs
  • 2x 6TB WD Red HDDs

No sweat.

All of this fits in a case 60% smaller than its predecessor. Giving you the power you need, with the size you want. No compromises to power, reliability or cooling — and the same quiet operation that is a signature to Puget Certified Systems.

Brought to you, by you.

If you are a customer of Puget Systems, you know how obsessive we can be. You see the updates, the tracking, the quality control and the attention to detail in every build. We are also obsessive about your feedback. Jon and I see it all, and we very intentionally spread it all around our organization.

So, thank YOU! These new products are here because you asked for them and we are listening.

Anytime you want to share your thoughts on our products, our people, our service or our business — heck, if you just want to shoot the breeze about technology — gimme a holler. I would love you hear more from our customers. You can always reach me at [email protected] or @stephens_chris on Twitter.

Thank you for being a customer, it's really a privilege to serve you.


Check out our new systems:




Transform your space to silence.

  • High frequency Intel Core i7 Mobile CPU
  • Supports up to 32GB of RAM
  • GeForce/Quadro/Radeon/FirePro

Serene yet powerful. Experience the performance. Enjoy the silence.


Peak Mini


Your everyday workhorse.

  • Worstation-class Xeon E5 v3 CPU
  • Supports up to 128GB of RAM
  • Titan-X/GeForce/Quadro

A compact, efficient, workstation — designed for your workflow.​ Perfect for designers or developers.

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