Going Paperless at Puget Systems

Planet Earth

Puget Systems is located south of Seattle in Washington State. Here we experience the best nature has to offer. Breathtaking views of the Cascade mountains, vast green forests and the serene waters of the Puget Sound. Some days we are lucky enough to see Mount Rainier when it is not too cloudy. Sure, it may rain for six months of the year but that is why we are called the Evergreen state. Surrounded by this environment is a privilege, as much as it impacts us, we impact it.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, here is what we know. There have been many studies published by the University of Washington on shifting snowlines and shorelines. The water in the Puget sound is becoming more acidic due to carbon emissions causing marine life to struggle. Wildfires are becoming more frequent and are a danger for longer periods of time. Flooding threatens our rivers and homes. We have all heard the warnings and are starting to see these are very real problems.

Individual Changes

What changes do we have the power to make as individuals or at a local level? We know reduce, reuse and recycle! At Puget Systems we have reduced by providing water coolers and a coffee machine in the offices and warehouse! Not only does this encourage everyone in the building to use reusable water bottles and provide community mugs. We package all the computers by reusing the chassis box and Styrofoam the case came in. This way we minimize the foam being tossed in the trash. We reuse packing materials we receive from manufacturer’s for part shipments as well! In the warehouse we have a recycling can placed next to trash cans. At the local level, the vote counts! Many cities are banning single use plastic bags and giving incentives for buying electric vehicles.

Next Steps

Our next step to reducing our footprint is offering a paperless packet! When you choose paperless not only does it decrease our paper consumption. It will also mean less need for a plastic binder which takes over 400 years to decompose in landfills. Currently we print enough packets to cut down a single 45 ft tall 8-inch diameter trunked tree every month. When you make a purchase from us in May 2021 you will have the opportunity to select a paperless binder. We want to keep the decision power in our customers hands.

The packet we create is full of information specific to your system. We pride ourselves on the testing and care we put into every order. The packet is a complete summary of that data. Anyone can view their packet online under account info as well as every system will have a digital copy of the packet right at your fingertips on the desktop!

We all must do our part to help the environment and limit or consumption of resources. Small steps like this can create a ripple effect for changes to come.


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