The Puget Systems Podcast is Back!

Gotta Get Back In Time Okay, so it has actually been back for several months now – after an almost two-year hiatus. Houston is still at the helm, but in a new format as sort of a podcast with video… a vodcast? It’s similar to the webinars we’ve done periodically, in that it is a

3rd Party Repair Recommendations

We often get asked how to find a good place to get a system repaired, and I wanted to outline a couple of tips on how to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of: First, Google Reviews Are a Godsend When searching for a local repair shop, this is always the first place I

Once In a Lifetime: The Solar Eclipse of 2017

While I am waiting on ANSYS to run some benchmarks, I wanted to take a moment to write about an event happening later this year. On a warm, summer day the air will grow chill, animals will go crazy, the sun and moon will darken, and stars will be visible even in the middle of