Burn-In Process

Any time you use new computer components, you are subject to the risk of manufacturing defects, shipping damage, and many other possible sources of hardware failure. A “burn-in” process stresses the components in a system, so that if they are close to failure, we can make sure they break here – allowing us to fix or replace them before the computer gets to our customer. It is much like the way Boeing puts huge stresses on aircraft wings before flying the aircraft: if the wings have a defect, and are going to fail, they want that failure to happen before the aircraft leaves the plant. So, a burn-in test helps ensure that only hardware without defects leaves our facility.

What exactly do we do? The first test we run is very targeted, with a rigorous memory verification tool that makes sure the proper amount of system RAM is detected and that it functions without error for an extended period of time. This test also hits the CPU pretty hard, and depending on the amount of memory in the computer can last several hours. It is critical to make sure that the RAM is rock-solid before moving on, though, since misbehaving memory can cause a whole host of issues once the operating system is up and running.

Next, Windows is installed and all driver and OS updates are applied. Afterward, we run several benchmarks to collect performance data which we use to make sure the workstation is performing as expected for its particular specifications. Toward the end of that process we use a combination of utilities at the same time, with the specific intention of pushing the hardware to its limits – putting the CPU, RAM, and GPU(s) under heavy load for several minutes to ensure stable operation, before considering the PC ready for quality control. A similar system-wide stress test is run again as part of QC, where we can also monitor temperatures to ensure adequate cooling and power draw from the wall to verify that the included power supply will be able to run the computer safely.

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Legacy Testimonial: 23

I have just ordered a new system and you were able to beat DELL prices. You are also very helpful on the configuation of the system. I am looking forward to using this new systems….

Robert Allen

Legacy Testimonial: 22

Most professional, customer-centered, acommodating and personal web-based retailer I’ve ever come across. Even for quotes they go the extra mile. I asked them tp design a system to meet some very specific (and non-traditional) needs for a riddiculously low price…and they actually did it. Everywhere else I tried, even the large companies like DELL, just said “Tt can’t be done for that price.” PCC actually came on-site and even verified that the wireless components wouldn’t interfere with a wireless sound system we use. Their responses are timely and every single question addressed thoroughly. I recommend this company highly and without a single reservation. I tell all my friends about them and even link to them from my webpage I am so impressed. I mean just look at the web-site…the customer drives the process from beginning to end. It’s a really great sign of what PCC offers it’s customers…even the “shoppers.”


Legacy Testimonial: 20

Do you provide any information on warranties? I didn’t find any… other than that nice site and decent prices dependent on warranty info of course!!



Legacy Testimonial: 18

great site, excellent layout, looking to buy a new system in the next few weeks, will probably buy here.


Legacy Testimonial: 17

Sweet Site. I like it lots.

Chris Rutledge

Legacy Testimonial: 15

Not gonna say much, ’cause I already have sent you stuff on the site, but nice shadows on the type windows. Good continuity as far as colour and structure; it is legible and quick-loading (Of course, just about everything is quick to load when you have the connection we do).


Legacy Testimonial: 14

Acutally, considering you ship for free, your prices are quite good. But why don’t you offer Pentium4 processors?


Legacy Testimonial: 13

Website looks good, but the prices are a little steep. You guys might want to talk a look at that. Other than that, keep up the good work.


Legacy Testimonial: 11

Very nice looking website. Downloads very fast even @ 28K modem. Have Potential^2


Legacy Testimonial: 9

Great page! You may want to explain what each component option specifically does on your quotes page. For example, what’s the difference between a “Geforce 256” video card and a “Voodoo 5, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?” This would be information that would appeal to those customers who arn’t as educated in computer information. Other than that it’s awesome! I hope things go well for you!

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