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In Win R400N GPU Fan Module

Additional Cooling

In Win R400N GPU Fan Module Picture 44643In Win R400N GPU Fan Module Picture 44644
In Win's R400N is a fan module that mounts on the back of compatible In Win rackmount cases, to help pull air through the GPUs for additional cooling. It comes with two 80mm fans which spin at up to 5500rpm, so they can get pretty noisy. The fans connect to a 3-pin header on the motherboard, so if the MB supports it they can ramp based on system temperature.

The housing for the fans also covers the back-end of any installed GPUs or other PCI-Express cards, so it cannot be used if you need to connect any cabling to them (for monitors, etc). Because of that location, this device also increases the length of the chassis by about 5 inches.

Dimension  80 (x2) mm (3.1 in)
Speed  5500 RPM

Configure a custom computer with the In Win R400N GPU Fan Module.