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CD / DVD Rom

Asus 8X DVD-RW Drive V2 (EXTERNAL USB) Picture 16730Asus 8X DVD-RW Drive V2 (EXTERNAL USB) Picture 16731
This is a slim, portable optical drive. It is designed specifically with small laptops in mind - those so small that they don't have room for a built-in drive. It provides the ability to read and write CDs and DVDs when needed, but can be stowed away when not in use to save battery power.

In practice this could also be used with a larger laptop if an additional drive is needed, or even with a desktop; any computer with powered USB ports should be able to use it.
Model: Asus SDRW-08D2S-U BK

Brand  Asus
Buffer Size  1MB
CD Access Time  140 ms
DVD Access Time  160 ms
CD Reading  Yes
DVD Reading  Yes
CD Writing  Yes
DVD Writing  Yes
Dual Layer DVD Writing  Yes
Blu-Ray Reading  No
Blu-Ray Writing  No
Lightscribe  No
Maximum Speeds
CD Read Speed  24x
DVD Read Speed  8x
CD Write Speed  24x
CD Re-Write Speed  16x
DVD Write Speed  8x
DVD Re-Write Speed  8x
Dual Layer DVD Write Speed  6x

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