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Puget Hydro CL1 Liquid Cooling System 1156

CPU Cooling

Puget Hydro CL1  Liquid Cooling System 1156 Picture 13870

Note: Suitable for CPUs with wattage up to 155W. Quiet operation contingent on chassis airflow.

Model: Asetek Asetek OEM LCLC

Lifetime: 50,000 hours

Noise level: <28 dBA (just the pump - does not factor in noise from attached fan)

Materials: Low permeable plastics for housing and hoses

Liquid: Non-toxic, non-flammable liquid that does not expand with changes in temperature

Compliance: UL, CE, RoHS. Shock and vibration according to IEC 60068

Rated voltage/power: 12VDC / 2.5W

Manufactured at ISO-certified and recognized manufacturing plants in Asia

Platform compatibility: Intel socket 1156

Heat exchanger: 120 x 120mm

Pump: Asetek proprietary AC/DC hybrid technology with high-precision ceramic bearings

with the Puget Hydro CL1 Liquid Cooling System 1156.