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Thermalright XP-120 Heatsink

CPU Cooling

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Model: Thermalright XP-120

  • 120mm Recommended fan for maximum cooling capability
  • Multiple heatpipes for well spread heat around aluminum fins
  • Soldered fins to copper base (nickel plated) to make effective contact
  • Light weight and easy installation
  • Compatibility across multiple platforms (socket 478/754/939/940)
  • Enormous wingspan gives extra cooling to MOSFET or NB chipset

Dimension: L110 x W125 x H63 (mm) Fin only, without fan
Weight: 370g (heat sink only)

AMD: Athlon64 FX 3200+ (socket 939/940) /Athlon64 3200+ (socket 754) and above
Intel: Pentium-4 LGA775 2.8GHz and above

with the Thermalright XP-120 Heatsink.