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AcoustiPack 3.5 inch Drive Bay Foam Block

Case Mods

AcoustiPack 3.5 inch Drive Bay Foam Block Picture 20623
This is a block of Acoustipack foam, which fits into a 3.5" front drive bay to help block noise from inside the computer from emanating out. It is used in some of our Serenity configurations, and other quiet builds when requested.
Model: Acoustipack APExtB

The new AcoustiPack EXTRA Foam Blocks can be used inside any vacant drive bays to help increase the absorption of unwanted sound energy. Once installed, the foam blocks also help to reduce the internal air volume inside your PC or server case, which in turn may improve airflow velocity and the cooling performance.

The blocks are made from profession-grade dense acoustic foam, which is certified to UL94-HF1 fire rating. The foam is especially effective at absorbing sound at higher-frequency, such as HDD whine, or high-pitch noise from motherboard components. The foam is black, and flexible enough to squeeze into empty 51/4 inch or 31/2 inch drive bays to pressure-fit.

Configure a custom computer with the AcoustiPack 3.5 inch Drive Bay Foam Block.