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Smart Drive 2002C Enclosure

Case Mods

Smart Drive 2002C Enclosure Picture 4957Smart Drive 2002C Enclosure Picture 4956
Model: Grow Up Japan 4536604006255

The Smart Drive 2002C is a hybrid aluminum/copper upgrade the the Smart Drive 2002. It utilizes heat sink like channels along the top and side to increase heat dissipation. This aluminum enclosure is very effective at containing the rotational and seek noises emitted from a hard drive.

The Smart Drive 2002C case is black anodized aluminum on the outside and copper on the inside. The fit and finish is absolutely top notch. It mounts in a 5.25-inch drive bay and is compatible with 3.5-inch hard disk drives. Smart Drive 2002C can be mounted forward in the drive bay to leave the front face exposed externally, or moved back in the bay to be concealed behind a drive bay cover. When SmartDrive 2002C is mounted in the forward position is provides a thin vent between the bays to allow for increased cooling.

Our testing shows that Smart Drive 2002C can safely handle the heat from 7200 RPM drives. We have not tested it with higher RPM drives. It remains the responsibility of the user to monitor drive temperature, make sure it is within the drive manufacturers specifications and determine compatibility with Smart Drive 2002C.

Imported from Japan.

with the Smart Drive 2002C Enclosure.