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Koolance PC3-720BK (black)


Koolance PC3-720BK (black) Picture 5349Koolance PC3-720BK (black) Picture 5350Koolance PC3-720BK (black) Picture 5351Koolance PC3-720BK (black) Picture 5352Koolance PC3-720BK (black) Picture 5353Koolance PC3-720BK (black) Picture 5354Koolance PC3-720BK (black) Picture 5355Koolance PC3-720BK (black) Picture 5356Koolance PC3-720BK (black) Picture 5357

The Koolance aluminum PC3-720 professional line is optimized for performance, offering enormous flexibility with up to 700W of heat dissipation! Dual 120mm fans further reduce noise levels, while 3/8" (10mm) tubing tackles dual CPU, dual/SLI video coolers, and other demanding setups.

The PC3-720 series features a new Koolance LED display panel, which monitors 3 separate temperature channels- each with it's own configurable alarm setting. Fan speeds can also be adjusted automatically or with 10 manual levels. Reservoir LED lighting, a top refill tap, and a variable safety shutdown temperature are some of the many other benefits of PC3-720 systems.

Inside the chassis, a removable motherboard plate, individual sliding hard drive trays, and 5.25" sliding rails help simplify installation. With front USB 2.0 and 1394 Firewire ports, this aluminum case offers a weight less than half that of previous Koolance PC2 systems.

Koolance coolers which use 6mm (1/4?) ID nozzles, such as the GPU-180-L06 video cooler, can still be effectively used in PC3-720 series systems. Using a parallel tubing configuration with hose splitters will help maintain coolant flow rate through these systems. Hose splitter-adapters, and both 1/4" and 3/8" tubing are included. (Please see the User Manual for more information.)

"How many drives can I fit?"

- 4 CD/CDRW/DVD, 5 hard drives, 2 floppy/zip

Bays: 4 x 5.25", 5 x internal 3.5", 2 x external 3.5"

with the Koolance PC3-720BK (black).