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Windows Server 2016 Standard (16 core)

Operating System

Windows Server 2016 Standard (16 core) Picture 50847
Windows Server powers many of the worlds' largest datacenters, enables small businesses around the world, and delivers value to organizations of all sizes in between.

This particular license of Server 2016 Standard supports up to 16 physical cores, regardless of the number of CPU sockets in a system, and allows use of two instances of the server OS (either a host and one virtual machine, through a Hyper-V container, or two virtual machines). If you need to run on processors with more cores, there are additional license packs we can add to your order. If a higher number of virtual machines is desired, consider using the Datacenter version instead.

Note: This license supports up to 16 cores. If your server has more cores, we will need to quote additional license packs.

Model: Microsoft Server P73-07113

Maximum Specifications
Logical Processors (CPU Cores)  512
RAM  2400 GB

-OSE ( Operating System Environment ) / Hyper-V containers: 2
-Usage of more than 16 cores requires additional licenses
- Comes with 0 User/Device CALs. Will require adding User or Device CALs.

Support per virtual machine:
-Up to 12TB of RAM
-Up to 240 virtual processors

Configure a custom computer with the Windows Server 2016 Standard (16 core).