NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Software: Courtesy Install

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Main Picture

The GeForce Experience software from NVIDIA helps optimize your gaming computer, so you have more time to play and a better gaming experience. It does this by keeping you notified of new graphics driver releases, which can improve performance and correct bugs, as well as optimizing your graphics settings based on the games you are playing and your hardware configuration. NVIDIA performs extensive testing with different CPUs, GPUs, and resolution settings - and the GeForce Experience lets you tap into that array of data for smooth, effortless gaming enjoyment.

Note: This software can only be installed with a NVIDIA video card.

Developer: NVIDIA

GeForce Experience is an application from NVIDIA that optimizes your PC in two key ways.

First, GeForce Experience automatically notifies you of new NVIDIA drivers and downloads them for you. NVIDIA is constantly working to improve its drivers. New drivers improve game performance, add new features, and fix bugs.

Second, GeForce Experience optimizes graphics settings in your games based on your hardware configuration. NVIDIA performs extensive game testing for various combinations of GPUs, CPUs, and monitor resolutions and stores this information in the NVIDIA cloud. GeForce Experience connects to the NVIDIA Cloud and downloads optimized game settings tailored specifically to your PC.

The result is that your PC is always kept up to date and optimized for the latest games.