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3DLabs WildCat Realizm 200 512MB DDR3 AGP

Video Card

3DLabs WildCat Realizm 200 512MB DDR3 AGP Picture 6032
Model: 3D Labs 01-000092

  • Optimized for Running Multiple Applications Simultaneously
    - Designed to minimize CPU load while driving the graphics pipeline at maximum capacity
    - Innovative 16GB virtual memory support shatters the limits of onboard memory by automatically handling huge datasets while caching essential data for fastest access
  • Maximum scalability, Maximum Performance
    - Wildcat Realizm 200 's Visual Processing Unit (VPU)offers industry-leading performance and programmability capabilities
    - Huge fragment shader program support for 256 K individual instructions with looping and conditionals where competing technologies only support 64 K
    - Fragment processor has direct access to virtual memory, enabling generalized algorithms to be efficiently computed using large data buffers without concern for memory fragmentation
    - Shader programs can access 32 different buffers in one pass, allowing complex algorithms to execute efficiently using an unlimited number of samples
  • Video Display Capabilities
    - Industry 's only isochronous command channel with fast context switching and automatic hardware scheduling to insure "glitch-free" effects with real-time video.
    - Dual-link, dual display for today's megapixel display requirements. Capable of driving resolutions of 3840 x 2400 at the highest refresh rates.
  • Optimized Dual-Display Acceleration
    - Innovative VPU design allows improved graphics acceleration for your dual-display configurations
    - High-resolution support and dual-display support give you more visual real estate on the desktop
  • Windows Acuity Manager
    - Next generation display management technology for application and performance optimization and control
    - Ergonomic, dual taskbar minimizes cursor and mouse movement for dual displays or 9.2-megapixel (3840 x 2400) displays
  • Minimal System Load =Maximum Graphics Acceleration
    - 3Dlabs professional graphics driver works in close concert with Wildcat Realizm hardware to reduce your system CPU and memory load for all display-related activities
  • Unmatched VPU Performance
    - The most advanced Visual Processing Unit (VPU) available today offering unparalleled levels of performance, programmability, accuracy, and fidelity
    - Optimized floating-point precision across the entire pipeline
  • The Most Memory Available on Any Graphics Card
    - Handles more textures without stressing your system memory
    - Provides ample frame buffer to support high-resolution,true-color displays, with SuperScene antialiasing for the ultimate in visual quality
    - Precise floating-point conversions across the entire graphics pipeline maximize image accuracy, storage, and processing capabilities with zero performance impact
    - Enough memory to provide off-screen memory to support Pbuffers while providing abundant memory for highly detailed,true-color 2D and 3D textures - all simultaneously
  • High Onboard Bandwidth
    - High onboard bandwidth means professional performance
    - 512-bit memory bus delivers the highest possible throughput
  • Hardware Accelerated 3D Volumetric Textures
    - 3D textures are applied throughout the volume of a model, not just on the external surfaces -and it happens in real-time and it happens in real-time for the precision display capabilities you demand
  • Supports 32 Lights in Hardware
    - Designed to minimize any performance hits to your CPU and system memory
  • Extreme Geometry Performance
    - Manipulate the most complex models easily in real-time
    - Wildcat Realizm's VPU features full floating-point pipelines from input vertices to displayed pixels to offer you unparalleled levels of performance, programmability, accuracy and fidelity
  • Image Quality
    - Genuine real-time image manipulation and rendering using advanced programmable featuers so your projects are on spec and on time
    - Graphics architecture is able to directly display 16-bit floating-point pixels with 3-channel, 10-bit video-rate alpha blending, 10-bit LUT and 8-bit WIDs
    - Independent dual 400 MHz 10-bit DACs, creating the highest levels of displayed color resolution or performance
  • 36-Bit High-Precision Floating-Point Vertex Pipeline
    - Wildcat Realizm delivers images so accurate you won't worry about display anomalies or rendering errors on your next time-critical masterpiece
  • High-Speed Rendering
    - At 12 pixels per clock cycle, Wildcat Realizm 200 processes pixels at astounding speeds
    - Virtual shader program memory support up to 256K fragment shader instructions plus flow control and loops
    - With Wildcat Realizm you get unmatched OpenGL Shading Language performance and functionality to insure robust execution and acceleration for industrial-strength shaders - from the company that initiated OpenGL Shading Language development
  • Remove the boundaries to your view of the world
    - Innovative, advanced display features coupled with maximum programmability let your creativity take you further
  • 64-Bit Hardware Accumulation Buffers
    - Accelerated performance of accumulation buffer operations used in depth-of-field, motion blur, shadow,and multi-pass rendering algorithms.
  • Stereo Support
    - Provides a tangible appearance of depth, enhancing visual immersion into the 3D environments you create.
  • Multiview Option with Framelock/Genlock
    - Most advanced framelock/genlock capbilities in the industry
    - Facilitates multi-system video walls and supports genlock to a house sync source
    - Supports tri-level sync for HDTV,bilevel sync for NTSC and PAL

Full programmability:

  • VPU technology for professional performance with professional results
  • Full programmability and floating-point capabilities through entire graphics processing pipeline
  • Seamless 32- to 16-bit and 16- to 32-bit conversion with zero overhead
  • AGP 8x interface for fast data transfer through the system bus
  • Dual-display,dual-link DVI to double the digital display bandwidth (for true 3840 x 2400 resolution capabilities)
  • 256-bit GDDR3 memory interface for higher memory performance.
  • SuperScene multisampling full-scene antialiasing support
  • Texture sizes up to 4K x 4K
  • Dedicated isochronous channel
  • Orthogonal, compiler friendly SIMD array throughout pipeline allowing compilers to deliver optimal performance
  • Independent dual 400 MHz 10-bit DACs
    Supported APIs:
  • OpenGL 2.0 (full support when rati#64257;ed)
  • OpenGL 1.5 with OpenGL Shading Language
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 with High Level Shader Language (HLSL, VS 2.0, PS 3.0)
  • Supports optional Wildcat Realizm Multiview card for framelock/genlock capabilities
    Programmability Features:
  • Leading support for OpenGL Shading Language and DIrectX 9 HLSL
  • Full floating-point programmability- Optimized floating-point precision at each pipeline stage (36-bit vertices, 32-bit pixels, 16-bit back-end pixel processing) for the highest precision rendering accuracyand fidelity
  • 16 programmable 36-bit #64258;oating-point vertex shaders supporting
    Board Physical:
  • AGP 3.0, single-slot card. Occupies two slots for quiet cooling solution
  • Optimized for AGP 8x performance
  • Requires auxiliary system power connection
  • Compliant with AGP 3.0 graphics electromechanical and power specification
  • Consumes 85 Watts of system power
  • 512 MB GDDR3 uni#64257;ed memory with 256-bit-wide interface bus
  • 64 KB of #64258;ashable EEPROM memory for VGA bios and product con#64257;guration storage.
  • Virtual memory support allowing
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP (32-and 64-bit). Windows drivers include 3Dlabs Acuity Windows Manager.
  • Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition (32-and 64-bit ver 3.0 or later)
  • Two DVI-I Analog/Digital Video Output Ports - dual-link DVI capable of supporting the following con#64257;gurations
    Supports Wildcat Realism Multiview Option Card:
  • Multiview card supoprts framelocking, genlocking, sychronozed framebuffer swap and synchronized refresh rate.

    System Requirements
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4, Athlon or compatible processor (Pentium 4, Athlon 64 or Opteron recommended)
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition (ver 3.0 or later)
    Memory: 512 MB system memory recommended for best performance (128 MB minimum)
    Disk storage: 25 MB free disk space
    Conncetivity: One AGP (3.0) slot with adjacent empty slot for cooling solution (AGP 8x recommended)
    Other requirements: 85 Watts available system power for graphics card

    Package Contents
    Items: Wildcat Realizm 200 AGP 8x professional graphics acceleratorTwo DVI-VGA adpaters for analog displaysAuxiliary power extension cableInternational installation guideProduct CD with electronic manual, drivers and bonus software

    Welcome to a new kind of Realizm ... where precision, speed and your creativity combine in ways you've only dreamed of. 3Dlabs puts the power of the industry's most advanced visual processing right at your fingertips with Wildcat Realizm 200. 3Dlabs' AGP 8x-based graphics solution delivers all the performance, image fidelity, and features you'd expect from a professional graphics accelerator.

    With Wildcat Realizm 200's no-compromise performance plus the industry's largest memory resources, you'll have more time to devote to your creativity.

    Wildcat Realizm graphics accelerators offer the highest levels of image precision. You get quality and performance in one advanced technology solution.

    So, whether you're working on realistic animations, intricate CAD renderings, or complex scientific visualizations - if you can imagine it, you can make it real with Wildcat Realizm.

  • with the 3DLabs WildCat Realizm 200 512MB DDR3 AGP.