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CPU Workstation for Keyshot

Keyshot has always supported CPU-based rendering, and that continues to be the best option for large and complex scenes. The primary reason for this is memory space: video cards are limited by how much onboard memory (VRAM) they have, but the CPU has access to the entirety of system memory – which can easily be an order of magnitude larger.

To get the best performance in this situation, you want a high core count processor – so AMD’s Threadripper PRO line is a perfect fit. This workstation uses that family of CPUs and supports up to 512GB of memory. The video card is much less important, though you still want a decent model in order to run whatever other 3D applications are being used alongside Keyshot. Since multiple video cards are not needed, though, this can all fit within a mid-tower chassis – saving space compared to our larger, GPU-rendering model.

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