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4U Rackmount Node
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4U Rackmount Node for Redshift

Rackmount workstations provide high GPU density and allow the hardware-intensive rendering process to be moved away from your desk, taking noise and heat with it.

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Puget Labs Certified

These hardware configurations have been developed and verified through frequent testing by our Labs team. Click here for more details.


Having a lot of rendering power at your desk is great, but brings with it noise and heat. Additionally, tower workstations running off normal 120V outlets are limited in how much raw processing power they can provide. By contrast, our Redshift rackmount node can support up to four NVIDIA GeForce RTX video cards with a 3000W power supply. Moving to a rackmount system like this, located away from where you work and accessed remotely over a network, can both remove a lot of those obstacles and give you faster results!

Please note that this system requires two 200-240V power connections.

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System Core

Please select one or two NICs to match your network infrastructure (none are built into the motherboard).


Front-accessible bays supporting U.2 NMVe drives, using PCIe Gen 4.

Chassis & Cooling

This system requires two 200-240V power connections. For redundancy to be functional, the total power consumption of the system must be lower than the maximum output of one PSU module.



MSI TPM (MS-165F)   [add $41.45]

Software & Preferences

Note: Offered for your convenience. No technical support.

Chrome   [add $0.00]
Firefox   [add $0.00]

Additional Information

Help us help you! We review each configuration to ensure you’re getting the right hardware. Any info you can provide about your workflow and software will help us provide you with a better experience.

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