Corsair Power Supplies Revisited

A few months ago, I wrote about why Puget Systems had decided to move towards Corsair power supplies (see post).  I promised that I would write an update after some time had passed, with an update.  I am happy to say that the power supplies have been everything we thought they would be! 

We now have just under 400 computers out in the field being powered by Corsair power supplies.  How many failures have we seen?  One!  We had one unit that would not power on, and that's it.  While I'm not sure we have a big enough sample for a definitive statement, that's a 0.25% failure rate.  That is ten times more reliable than any other power supply we've used!  Of course, we'll continue to closely watch them as time goes on.

Due to the great reliability of the Corsair units that were manufactured by Seasonic, we have now expanded our Corsair line to include those manufactured by CWT.  We did this about a month ago, and haven't seen a single failure from those units.  So far, so good!

Needless to say, I'm quite pleased.  When building a computer, some items are easy to troubleshoot (like memory and video cards).  If they fail, you can run specific tests, and see what's wrong.  There are two items in a computer that are very difficult to diagnose if they're malfunctioning:  the motherboard and power supply.  A failing power supply can send incorrect voltage to your components, and make it look like the problem lies elsewhere.  That's why it is extremely important we have rock solid power supplies.   We recently launched a new computer system, called the Puget Obsidian, which is designed to be the most stable, reliable system we can build.  Needless to say, it uses a Corsair power supply.

Consider me an official fan!