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Obsidian is the most stable, reliable workstation we build. It is built from a hand-selected line of the industry's highest performing, highest quality system components. It is loaded with a clean operating system, is designed with a unique quiet configuration, and is custom built to order by experts industry-renown for their ability to create intelligently designed, business critical computing platforms.

While each Puget Systems Obsidian is built to order, Puget Systems has tapped its relationships with the industry's leading component manufacturers to design a system based around a core set of components validated for highest reliability. Based around core technology provided by Intel's processors, chipsets, and motherboards, the system also features a specially chosen lineup of a chassis, power supply, memory, hard drives, and cooling accessories, picked specifically for their low, field-tested failure rates.

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Payments starting at $73/month

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Asus Intel Kingston Fractal Design

Puget Obsidian Key Benefits

  • Highly stable, using products we personally measured to have dramatically lower failure rates.
  • Quiet operation, with many passively cooled components, and an open airflow design.
  • Advance system replacement: so if you have a major problem, we can quickly build and ship you a brand new system.

Product Concept and Details

We at Puget Systems are excited to provide a product that meets our expectations for quality and reliability. As a custom system builder, we have extensive experience sourcing components, building systems, stress testing them, and supporting them. In this process, we gain many insights into which configurations perform smoothly and without problems. The Puget Systems Obsidian represents this design.


We know what configurations are prone to problems and which are not. As a technology provider, we pride ourselves in maintaining a quality product line. Anything that does not meet our expectations, we do not sell. However, with the products that remain, there is still a vast variation in reliability. The Puget Obsidian represents the best of reliability across the board, based on our firsthand measurements and experience.

Puget Systems
Motherboard 96% 98% 2x
CPU 99.3% 99.6% 1.75x
Ram 98.9% 99.8% 5.5x
Hard Drive 99.2% 99.3% 1.14x
Power Supply 98.4% 99.1% 1.77x
Video Card 96.4% 97.2% 1.29x
Obsidian chassis

Quiet Cooling

Air cooling a quiet computer is a constant balance -- you want high airflow for good cooling, but high airflow often comes at the cost of noise. The Puget Obsidian tackles this problem by using an open channel of airflow. Large 140mm fans provide a healthy flow of air from the front of the case out the back. This airflow passes directly over the video card and motherboard chipset, which are passively cooled (no small, loud fans!). The CPU cooler is set up to provide airflow in this same direction, as is the power supply -- all four fans in the system work together towards one airflow concept, for maximum efficiency. This means that we can run the fans at low RPM, cooling this system incredibly quietly!

High Performance

Don't let the cost and talk about efficiency fool you -- the Puget Obsidian uses the latest generation technology for excellent performance. This was not without challenge -- it is well known (and we can testify!) that bleeding edge technology comes with a cost against reliability. Puget Systems has carefully qualified and selected the hardware in the Obsidian to contain modern innovations, without exposing you to the risks of new hardware.

Legacy Connections

The all new Obsidian workstation is also optimized for legacy connections, often needed to drive existing infrastructure investments such as CNC machines and digital printing presses. The Obsidian now supports COM (serial) port and TPM module, while continuing to support cutting edge technology such as Intel Xeon CPUs, PCI-E 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s, and USB 3.0.

Locked Configuration

We understand that for business use, computers need to be as easy to manage as possible. One of the primary ways to do this is to make all the computers the same. This can be quite difficult to do when technology changes so quickly. Puget Systems has taken advantage of the ASUS CSM (corporate stable model) program, for long product lifecycles. Puget Systems builds on this program, by making the same commitment of availability for the Puget Obsidian. We will keep this system available as long as possible with no changes major enough to create operating system or disk imaging complications. We feel this kind of consistency from a quality system builder has been sorely lacking in our industry!

Advance System Replacements

In the unlikely event of a system failure, Puget Systems has set out to handle those situations with a very unique program. If an Obsidian PC encounters a problem that cannot easily be solved, we will quickly build and ship a replacement system. This is a program that is typically not feasible to implement by a custom computer provider, due to the large variation in the systems built. However, with the locked configuration of the Puget Systems Obsidian, this program becomes possible, and we are excited with the new levels of convenience and satisfaction it will bring to our clients!

If you have any questions about the Puget Obsidian, we encourage you to contact us! We pride ourselves in being a highly personal company, and we are happy to build on this concept to meet your specific needs.