Technology Primer – Power Supply Wattage and Efficiency

Power supplies are a critical piece of hardware in modern computers, but there are some aspects of them which aren’t well known or understood. This article will explain some of the less known aspects of power supplies, such as what wattage and efficiency ratings really mean, and what other factors you should consider when selecting a power supply for your next computer.

My Perspective on Personal Computers

My name is Daniel Brown, I am a PC technician. I’m writing this article because I feel like, based on my experience, I may have some wisdom to impart regarding PCs. I’ve been working with PCs for most of the last 13 years. Even when not employed in the computer industry, I’ve consistently dedicated a significant portion of my own time to staying up to date with PC hardware trends and learning more about personal computers. During my time in the IT industry, I’ve encountered more than my share of problems and done countless hours of troubleshooting. In my current role as ‘Lead Support Technician’ here at Puget, I add to those hours of troubleshooting daily, dealing with modern PC systems.

The Future of Computing

This is an exciting time in which to live. With scientific breakthroughs being made every day, it is awe inspiring to speculate the future of computing technology. What will today’s scientific discoveries mean to tomorrow’s computers? In this article, we will take a light look at quantum computing — how a structure as simple as four atoms can revolutionize computing!