Intel Core i9 13900K 3.0GHz 24 Core 36MB 125W


Intel Core i9 13900K 3.0GHz 24 Core 36MB 125W Main Picture

Background on Intel 13th Gen Core Series CPUs (Raptor Lake)

13th Gen Intel Core Processors, code named Raptor Lake, are a refresh of their consumer CPU line with increases to both clock speeds and multi-threaded performance. These chips are built using the Intel 7 manufacturing process, which saves a lot of space compared to previous generations and thus allows for more circuitry to be packed into the die. Intel has continued their split chip design with the main "performance cores" for active workloads and "efficiency cores", in greater numbers than the 12th Gen had, running at lower clock speeds for background tasks. In heavily threaded applications, both sets of cores can work together to improve overall processing speed.

Model: Intel CM8071505094011


Product Line Core i9
Code Name Raptor Lake
Socket 1700
Process 10 nm
Total Number of Cores 24
Total Number of Threads 32
Number of Efficient Cores 16
Base Clock Speed 3.0 GHz
Hyperthreading Yes
Turbo Boost Yes
Max. Turbo Boost 5.8 GHz
Efficient Core Max Turbo Boost 4.3 GHz
All-Core Turbo Boost 5.5 GHz
Long Duration Power Limit 125 W
Short Duration Power Limit 253 W
PCI-E Lanes 24
Max Temperature 100 C
Smart Cache 36MB
Onboard Graphics
Processor Type UHD Graphics 770
Core Speed 1.65 MHz
DirectX Version 12
Cores on Die 32
# of Displays Supported 3
Memory Specification
Memory Type DDR5
Maximum Frequency 5600
Registered Support No
Advanced Technologies
vPro Yes
Trusted Execution Technology Yes


3 Years