Samsung DDR4-3200 128GB ECC Reg


Samsung DDR4-3200 128GB ECC Reg Main Picture

Background on DDR4 Registered ECC Memory

DDR4 is the fourth generation of 'double data rate' memory technology. It features reduced power consumption compared to previous generations, while also boosting clock speed and memory density. That means both higher performance and lower power usage, with the potential for larger memory modules as the standard matures.

ECC stands for Error Correction Code, and in the context of computer memory it indicates the ability to detect and correct minor errors. This dramatically increases the reliability of the memory system, which is highly desirable in environments where computers are performing critical functions. There is a small amount of overhead when using ECC memory, so performance takes a slight hit compared to non-ECC options - but the trade-off is well worth it for servers and some workstations.

Further, Registered memory - sometimes also called Buffered memory - puts less of an electrical load on the memory controller chip in a computer. This in turn allows the use of much larger amounts of memory, and so is needed when utilizing all of the memory slots on higher-end server and workstation motherboards.

Due to market volatility, the exact brand and model of memory that we use can vary - but we adhere to strict quality standards and prioritize modules that use Micron or Samsung chips.

William George (Marketing Project Manager)
William George (Marketing Project Manager) Says:
This memory runs rather hot, so it can only be used in systems with plenty of direct airflow around the RAM slots.

Model: Samsung M393AAG40M32-CAE


Total Memory 128GB
Number of Modules 1
Memory per Module 128GB
Memory Type DDR4 RDIMM
Speed Rating PC4-25600
Actual Speed 3200 MT/s
Latency Cl22
Voltage 1.2 Volts
Registered Yes
Rank Quad
Net Weight .05 kg (0.1 lbs)