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PSLabs Machine Learning Development Server Stack

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The "Puget Labs ML Dev Server Stack" provides a multi-user, remote access, simple to use, web browser based interface. The "stack" consists of three custom-configured open-source components

  • Cockpit web browser based System Administration interface
  • Miniconda3 Python 3 distribution with the conda package manager
  • JupyterHub serving the JupyterLab web browser based development interface with several ready to use "kernels"; Anaconda3, TensorFlow, PyTorch ...

Consider this option for small teams, workshops, classes, or power-users that need a resource accessible from any web browser or MS VScode.
Dr Donald Kinghorn (Scientific Computing Advisor)
Dr Donald Kinghorn (Scientific Computing Advisor) Says:
This configuration is being developed with a sincere desire to provide a flexible and simple to use remote, browser accessed, working environment for ML/AI and scientific researchers and developers. I hope that it makes sharing resources and working remotely more easily accomplished and helps you and your team/students do great work! --dbk

Developer: Canonical