Company Overview

Puget Systems was founded in 2000 in Seattle, WA, and specializes in the design and manufacturing of high performance computer systems. Being a custom provider, Puget Systems works with everyone from consumers, gamers, enthusiasts, and government or business. Every PC Puget Systems provides is designed and purpose built for the unique requirements of each situation. Puget Systems is a thought leader in the industry, combining its unique innovations with unparalleled transparency to contribute its knowledge back into the PC community. Through its transparency and commitment to high quality, USA based support, Puget Systems maintains the highest ratings on all rating services. One look at their endless stream client testimonials and you'll be hooked too!

What Makes Puget Systems Different?


Of course, everyone says they have a "strong commitment to customer service." But do they have the evidence to back that up? Check out Puget Systems on any online review site (Reseller Ratings, Google, Yelp, etc.) or on our own testimonials page, and read about the experiences of our customers. All of our representatives are here in the USA, at our facility. We can get a client's sales representative, those who built the PC, and the technical support representative all in one room to rapidly diagnose issues and come up with a plan of attack. Try that with one of the large multinational PC providers!


Puget Systems has a large infrastructure in place for testing our PCs and ensuring the highest reliability, but we don't stop there. We think a key to the success of our business is that we bring our clients in on that process. We want our customers to hold us accountable to our claims, and we want our customers to be informed as their PC goes through our process.

Some of the things we share with every PC we build:

  • Client is updated frequently with what stage computer build is in.
  • Multiple benchmark tests are run, and full results are shared. [more info]
  • Full ambient, CPU and video card temperature logging is shared (at idle, full load, and during benchmarks).
  • Each PC is photographed from many angles prior to shipping (to provide reference later).
  • Thermal images of each PC (at idle and full load) are taken and shared. [more info]
  • 110 point check off list completed, with full details of who performed what step, at what time. [more info]
  • Screenshots are taken of each BIOS screen, and shared with the client. [more info]

Puget Labs

Our mission is to provide the highest quality hardware and consultation services to our customers, and to back up our decisions by freely sharing the results of our internal testing, qualification, and manufacturer collaboration.

  • Each new component undergoes rigorous stress testing.
  • We cut through the hype to get to the real numbers behind each piece of hardware.
  • All results are cataloged on our website for everyone to read, regardless of outcome.

All of our hardware testing articles are posted for public viewing.


We put a lot of effort into making sure only the best hardware makes it into our customer's computers.

  • All components in our product line are reviewed weekly.
  • Any trends in failure rates are acted upon immediately, leaving us with a highly reliable product line.
  • We do not add a part to our product line unless we feel we can stand behind it.
  • Thermal imaging of each PC allows us to identify thermal problems that would otherwise go undetected.
  • Thermal imaging of each PC helps us optimize each individual computer's airflow.

Read more about our extensive component testing, and about our thermal imaging process.

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